Testimonials / Quotes

Music Therapy

‘The work yor do for “Siofra” and my family speaks volumes … You have influenced our lives so so much, given us support both practical and emotional.’

‘Music therapy has made a huge difference to “Mark”. He absolutely loves these sessions and displays excitement when he is told it is time to go to them.’

‘He has now moved from passive listening to active participation.  At home he dances and sings more to his music.  He now tries to string together more words to form a sentence.’

‘She always spoke on the quiet side, bit now isn’t shy to use a big voice.’

‘He loves to sing along to music and will sing on his own now to himself. I like the way he is part of a group and meeting new friends’

‘is starting to speak louder and sing’

‘always showing what he did and getting me to copy. Verbally explaining also. Singing and making up songs’

‘Josie is very creative, with a great range of resources, skills and ideas and has the ability to adapt to a variety of situations within the home’

’She encourages social interaction amongst the service users and allows them to be creative’

Community Music Projects

‘Josie is more than supportive and willing to respond to any need in a flexible way’
- A.M, Derry/Londonderry  

‘Josie is attentive and sympathetic to my needs and always has a solution’
- S.C. Belfast